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TRRA Donations

A review of the programs, activities, and events of TRRA – as well as the number of high schools, colleges and universities affiliated with TRRA – is testimony to the growth and popularity of rowing (as well as paddling sports such as dragon boat racing) in the Pittsburgh region. Whiles fees are generally charged for participation, they are purposely nominal so that no one is deterred for financial reasons.

This region is very fortunate to have the type of rowing and paddling facilities it has in the two boathouses located on Washington’s Landing and in Millvale. They are both state-of-the art equipped and offer ample space to all who wish to enjoy the rowing and paddling sports for health, fitness, recreation, and competition. Together, the boathouses and equipment represent over five million dollars of investment.

Neither of these facilities, the equipment, or the range of programs would be possible without the donations made by local foundations, corporations, and individuals. TRRA relies on this generosity for its sustainability.

Fundraising at TRRA is ongoing and there are many purposes for grants, contributions, and donations of any size. For example,

Annual Giving:

TRRA conducts an Annual Campaign drive to enable the TRRA Team (members and program participants) to help TRRA sustain itself, deliver high quality programs to its members, grow as an organization, and contribute to the image and diversity of Pittsburgh and surrounding communities.

Our Annual Campaign is primarily focused on member participation in the campaign. If we can demonstrate that our members are supporting TRRA, it makes it that much easier to obtain funding from outside sources. That doesn’t mean we do not attempt to maximize the annual contributions – it just means that we would like all members to participate in the campaign even if they can only contribute a small amount.

TRRA seeks contributions toward an operating endowment as well as donations to assist specific programs, such as, the adaptive programs for the physically challenged and visually impaired and First Row.

United Way:

In addition to giving directly to TRRA, many companies work with the United Way to offer designated giving to the following programs at TRRA. Please consider giving to these worthwhile programs during your next United Way campaign.

1326650 – Three Rivers Rowing

Capital Campaigns:

From time to time, TRRA is involved in major capital fundraising campaign designed to add new facilities, such as, boathouses and other major support infrastructures. These campaigns are often conducted over several years and require large donations from the broadest array of donors as well contributions regardless of the size from as many individuals as possible.


Financial sponsorships are regularly sought to assist with the huge costs associated with hosting competitive rowing and paddling events. Each year, TRRA hosts several high profile events with thousands of spectators! Each provides tremendous opportunities for foundations, corporations, and individuals to financially support and be recognized.

We request and welcome all recommendations and offers of financial support.


Athletic Scholarships in various amounts are available for qualified rowers. Scholarships for youth (up to age 18) should be requested directly by the rower’s parent or guardian. Scholarship recipients will be asked to volunteer one hour at TRRA for every $25 of scholarship awarded, and must participate in TRRA sanctioned fund-raising efforts. Please contact the TRRA Office for more information. Click here for the TRRA_Scholarship Application.

TRRA has limited resources to offer scholarships. Therefore, scholarships will be offered only to those committed to the sport of rowing, and who demonstrate their commitment through participation, attitude and effort. TRRA reserves the right to rescind a scholarship at any time.