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For Members

Welcome to the TRRA Members page. Below are links and resources that are important for TRRA members.

Member Forms

TRRA Boat Reservations & Erg Schedule
Boat Reservations (link to Regatta Central)

Crew Leader Information
Crew Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities
Crew Leader Application – Sculling
Crew Leader Application – Sweep

TRRA Policies and Guidelines

TRRA Private Coaching Policy
TRRA Truck Policy
Volunteer Policy
Coxswain Development

Additional Member Resources
Board of Directors: Information regarding the current Board Members
TRRA Staff: Lists the members of TRRA’s paid staff
Volunteer Opportunities: Many ways to contribute your valuable time to TRRA
TRRA & the Environment: Some of the programs supported by TRRA to keep our air and water clean
TRRA By-laws