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For Members

Welcome to the TRRA Members page. Below are links and resources that are important for TRRA members.

Member Forms
Membership Information
TRRA Policies and Participant Safety Handbook
Introduction, Definitions, Rules for TRRA and Boathouses


TRRA Boat Reservations & Erg Schedule
Boat Reservations (link to Regatta Central)
2017-2018 Erg Schedule

Crew Leader Information
Crew Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities
Crew Leader Application – Sculling
Crew Leader Application – Sweep

TRRA Policies and Guidelines

TRRA Private Coaching Policy
TRRA Truck Policy
Volunteer Policy
TRRA Safety Guidelines for Members and Coaches
Prelaunch Safety Guidelines
Coxswain Development
Incident Matrix Guidelines
Post-Incident Process
Safety Matrix

Additional Member Resources
Board of Directors: Information regarding the current Board Members
Membership Information: Lists the types of membership available
TRRA Staff: Lists the members of TRRA’s paid staff
Volunteer Opportunities: Many ways to contribute your valuable time to TRRA
TRRA & the Environment: Some of the programs supported by TRRA to keep our air and water clean
TRRA By-laws