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Beginning Masters Team

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Email us if you’re interested!

This team is designed for adults who are looking to learn the sport of rowing in a team environment with professional coaching. We recommend that all people new to the sport spend at least one year (but not limited to one) with this team before jumping to one of our more experienced master’s teams. This team will be comprised of a diverse group of men and women of all ages (21+) and backgrounds, meeting two days a week. The team is perfect for those who have begun in our Winter Rowing League. In addition, we welcome people who have some rowing experience but would like to improve their technical skills in a structured environment. No experience is necessary and all physical abilities are welcome!

Practice Schedule

Please contact us before showing up to practice so we can let you know if there are any changes to that day’s schedule!

Water Practices (May – November)

The team’s first practice will be Thursday, May 12th, 2019

The team meets at Washington’s Landing for all practices.
Thursday evening at 6:15pm-8:00pm
Sunday morning at 9:00pm-11:00am

Other Information about the Team

We expect to be on the water through November. Your team fee is then good for you to switch to another TRRA supported masters program. Your team fee with then need to be reapplied in March of the following year depending on which team you choose to join.

The team and the coach will decide together whether they travel to any races and compete. The focus of the team will be to learn the sport properly and therefore be able to jump to the more experienced teams  much more easily. Rowing two times per week will allow team members to progress as rowers rather quickly. Practices are not mandatory and the team and coach will work with an individual’s schedules as conflicts due to family and work arise. Do remember that the more often you are able to attend, the faster your skills will develop for yourself and the team! In addition to rowing instruction, there will be a strong focus on water safety and equipment handling.

To Join

Everyone will be allowed three to four practices before they have to commit with any memberships. Once an individual decides to join the team, they must pay Three Rivers Rowing Membership fees as well as team dues which go to pay the coach and maintain the equipment they use.  If you choose to join, you will become a member of one of the top boathouses in the nation. Three Rivers Rowing won the first annual USRowing Club of the Year in 2002,2010 and 2013 and owns not just one, but TWO of the nicest community boathouses in the nation.

For more information please email us



Forms are required to be on record at TRRA for all rowers on or before the first practice, including the following documents:

1. TRRA Waiver

2. TRRA TRRA SwimTest, signed by a certified life guard.