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Masters Men’s Team

About Us
We are a group of experienced rowers of varying ages, backgrounds and athletic abilities who have been drawn together by a common love and vision of rowing. We are a highly motivated group that recognizes individual’s strong desire to compete as well as balance professional lives and family. Our structured and social atmosphere makes this competitive group a rewarding experience.

About our Training
Organized practices take place three times a week year round, but are defined by two distinct seasons: On-The-Water-Season and Winter Training. The three practices are spread out through the week and take place on two weekdays and one weekend day. The Water Season generally runs from April to November, and involves coached practices that take place on the calm water of the early morning. The focus of Water Season it to prepare for competition at Summer and Fall regattas by enhancing our individual and team rowing abilities.

We travel 1 or 2 times a month to compete in regattas that are usually within a 3 to 5 hour drive. Racing crews are selected by the coach based on rower’s technical abilities and erg times. Members understand that rowers need to balance their commitment to the team with their other life commitments; however, they also recognize the high value of consistent training and team participation. In addition to the three weekly-coached practice sessions, many members also dedicate themselves to additional training in the form of strength training, cardio workouts, and individual sculling.

Winter Training traditionally starts in mid-November and continues through March. During this time, we maintain a practice schedule that is similar to the one followed during Water Season. The three-day-a week practice schedule consists of erg workouts prepared by our coach and coached indoor tank rowing that usually includes video sessions. Both practices focus on staying in shape during the “off season”, technique, and application of power. As in the summer, many members also put in additional training to the organized practice days in the form of strength training, alternative cardio workouts, and additional erg training.

About Joining the Team

Members of the Masters rowing teams are required to:

1. Have some rowing/racing experience
2. Be a dues-paying member of TRRA, $510
3. Pay the team membership fee to TRRA, $420
4. Love to row

In addition, to participate in USRowing sponsored races (several of which the team attends), you must be a current member of USRowing.
To check out a practice of the TRRA Competitive Masters Men’s Team please contact the captains below:

Mike McGuire
Ben Erne

Team Blog
A Bit of Poetry

Water Practice Schedule
(Subject to change – please get in touch captains before showing up)
Tuesday and Thursday – 5:30am-7:00am. Sunday – 7:00am-8:30am

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