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TRRA History – Board of Governors

When the founders of Three Rivers Rowing Association made it official by registering as a non-profit organization, they assembled a group of wise and supportive leaders, many of whom had been instrumental in making the dream of reviving rowing in Pittsburgh a reality.

The Board of Governors was founded in 1987 to help the early founders of TRRA gain access to potential donors. All of the members of the initial Board of Governors had connections in the corporate, foundation, and private donor communities, and were of tremendous assistance to initial fundraising for the first boathouse on Washington’s Landing.

Additionally, the Board of Governors accepted the responsibility of overseeing the construction of the Washington’s Landing boathouse and its first two years of operation, which gave the philanthropic community confidence in TRRA’s plans to establish rowing in Pittsburgh.

The Board of Governors has assisted with the fundraising efforts around the Youth Boathouse Expansion in 1993 and the Millvale Training Center and Boathouse in 2001.

New members have been added to the Board of Governors over the years, and though they may not meet on a regular basis, they remain supportive of TRRA and ready to assist as may be required. Many of the members of the Board of Governors also serve as Stewards of the Head of the Ohio Regatta.

Those who have served on the Board of Governors are:

Joyce Abercrombie
Jim Browne
Susan Carlson
Bruce Cooper
David Curry
Jim Darby
Rev. James Donnell
Betsy Ensminger
Rev. Donald Ewing
Sandy Ferguson, founding member
Derek Finlay, founding member
Dave Figgins, founding member and chair
Thomas J Hilliard, Jr. founding member
John Humphrey, founding member
Steve Irwin
Michael P. Lambert, founding member
John Lubimir, founding member
Linda Metropulos
Susan McIntosh
Rodger Morrow, founding member
Chris Ryan, founding member
Richard Patton, founding member
Don Schock
Furman South III, founding member